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Stay in your lane!
I love it when music breathes. When it has dynamics and space combined with creativity it seems to come alive, and engage people.

That being said, as a bass player one of the things that inhibits my enjoyment and engagement while playing music is when another instrument (normally keyboard) plays in my more

Bass solo tips for the “non” soloist
There are very few bass players, in my opinion, that really excel at both playing the groove and soloing. It's obviously very difficult to be equally great at both skills. read more

8 Keys to knowing the bass part

1. Play the track a few times, just listening, not playing. You are listening to the bass line, phrasing, note choices, note length, groove, dynamics, articulation, variations in repeated sections, all those things that give a bass line its character, along with just getting a vibe for the song, the melody, chords, drum groove, etc. read more

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